BLACK FORCE becomes a witness to a social & counter culture protest that was to date, spreading through the lens of popular illustration, photography, Free art expression, electronic & electric music unifying message of Fela & World Followers.  Black Force Noire Exhibition PARIS 2012
LEMI GHARIOKWU who designs for twenty-six of Fela’s album covers perfectly illustrating his musical expression

Kris Okotie - Best Of 1981 for cd


Pierre Terrasson presents his eyewitness account. Pierre had the pleasure and privilege in the eighties to photograph Fela when he arrived in Paris with her dancers and musicians from his first concerts and festivals in France. These photos are new and have never been the subject of an exhibition.
Music is the Weapon of the Future chanted Fela in 1977; Pierre Terrasson has spent this decade to take pictures « out of curiosity, a golden age, that of 80 years, where being a photographer is not improvised. « Sailed out of sheer passion in the world of eccentric hard-rock, rock and punk, which has seen stadiums, outdoor festivals, small venues. Pierre met the king of Afro-Beat on his first visit to Paris. He had the privilege to photograph at his hotel with the press, in a series of concerts and festivals, backstage, more intimate with his wives, his son Seun, his dancers, dressed in embroidered fur coloured wire, proudly displaying their makeup and flaming pearl ornaments. Photos of Fela Kuti in 1983 1984 1986 and 1987.
Force Noire/Black force is an AfroPopArt exhibition in tribute to the King of Afro-beat Fela Kuti Counterculture hero, Fela is a black force , a force of nature.

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