RABIA Spring Rage in Raï music

RABIA is the future of Sheikha Rabia Album Produced by Dinah Douieb
RABIA A new musical experience ,
Rabia crosses cultures and redraws the boundaries of this music
Rabia is a bold musical project
RAGE RABIA means in Spanish – Arabic Spring – Rabies Voice spring and cyber RevEvolution North Africa. Sumptuous presage a perspective soon !
In 2008 Dinah Douieb product Liberti e Sheikha Rabia in Buda Musique – The challenge was to successfully merge the traditional acoustic sounds with electronic music soupson without disrupting the clichés and stereotypes – Sheikha Rabia comes from deep Rai Roots Music the soil of the West Agerie emigrated to France in the 70s. Veronique Mortaigne World headlined in 1999 Sheikha RABIA is viscerally riveted to obscure feelings of desire, is it not the most beautiful omen to unite minds ? Sheikha Rabia is the brainchild of Sheikha Rimitti the « mistress » of the genre, missing in 2006. Sheikha Rabia is the last heir and remains the only perpetuate this directory, timeless groove . Sheikha Rabia in the contemporary world is an exceptional woman . Heiress Meddehates these women troubadours who roamed the roads in Morocco Oujdah Oran in Algeria since the dawn of time. Today Sheikha Rabia is always mistress of Song Rai , his voice and his power sung it releases 70 years an incredible resonance. His voice is cavernous , mysterious strange androgynous exceptionally serious tone , which eventually seduce you and take you to his voice Soul Arabic expression .
after six years of collaboration between the musician producer and singer Dinah Douieb Sheikha Rabia , during which the two women have learned to know and to give all our musical sensibilities.
To reach out to the acoustic aspect of current musical modernity , we put forward including air and spellbinding flutes by immersing them in a groove rigor while keeping their musical authenticity. Rhythmic structures are restructured , combined with traditional instrumentation on digital media . RABIA The project revolves around this dynamic terribly exciting . The focus is pointed on the subtleties of the mix. Dinah program batteries, bass and electronic sequences , plays rhythm guitar and reinjected into the Mix a selection of guitars Yann Pechin ( Bashung + +) and Mickey Finn ( Led Zep – Higelin ) Piano Mohamed Maghni ( Khaled – Rimitti ) mixed by Nicolas Baby (8) (FFF , the Sound System … ) & Michel Roche(4).

After long years of research , listening and working with fascination and questions that this woman raised me I decided to illustrate the musical journey of the last guardian of the temple of the ancient Rai electronically . Enthusiastic and generous woman , experience invites reflection .
The inspiration for the singer is stimulated . She sings of love , the difficulty of growing up , loneliness , longing for separation , cutting oblivion tears of love , escape the night … Heart and capsized body , it is taken in the dance and trance.
This unexpected trance, whose origins are lost in the universal night time , crown release , the pressures of our daily stress.
This Experience is new and definitely feminine .


RABIA is the futur Album of Cheikha Rabia Produced by Dinah Douieb

RABIA  Une nouvelle expérience musicale,

Rabia traverse les cultures et redessine les frontières musicales du present

Rabia, est un projet musical audacieux

RABIA signifie la RAGE en espagnol – le Printemps en Arabe – La  rage de la Voix du printemps et de la cyber RevEvolution  de l’Afrique du Nord. Un Somptueux presage en perspective prochainement!

En 2008 Dinah Douieb produit Liberti e Cheikha Rabia chez Buda Musique – Le défi etait de réussir à fusionner, des sonorités traditionnelles acoustique avec un soupson de musique  électroniques,  sans bouleverser les clichés et les stéréotypes – Cheikha Rabia vient du Raï Roots de la musique profonde du terroir de l’Ouest de l’Agerie emigré en France dans les années 70. Veronique Mortaigne du Monde titrait en 1999 Cheikha RABIA est viscéralement rivée aux sentiments obscurs du désir, n’est-il pas le plus bel augure pour unir les esprits ?Cheikha Rabia est la fille spirituelle de Cheikha Rimitti la « maîtresse » du genre, disparue en 2006. Cheikha Rabia est la dernière héritière et reste la seule à perpétuer ce répertoire, ce groove hors du temps. Cheikha Rabia dans le monde contemporain est une femme d’exception. Héritière des Meddehates, ces femmes troubadours qui parcouraient les routes d’Oujdah  au Maroc à  Oran en Algerie depuis la nuit des temps.   Aujourd’hui Cheikha Rabia est toujours une maitresse du Chant Raï, de sa Voix et de sa  puissance chantée elle libère  à 70 ans une  résonance  incroyable. Sa voix est caverneuse, mystérieuse  d’une tonalité étrange exceptionnellement grave, androgyne qui finit par vous emporter et vous seduire de son expression de voix Soul Arabe.

Cette Experience est nouvelle audacieuse et définitivement feminine.